Melanie Fiona might be best known by some for co-writing for Rihanna, touring with Kanye or winning a few GRAMMYs. However, there is still a lot ahead for the singing powerhouse whose forthcoming album Awake is due out next year. Following the release of the album's first cut "Bite The Bullet," "I Tried" arrives as the latest glimpse of the album. Keen vocals and profound palpitations of percussion stir an up an agonizing purgatory of emotions as Fiona lends her voice to social issues strained with conflict from human brutality to racial inequality. The Carmen Murray-directed music video features Fiona contained in a glass box as tragic real headlines from Eric Garner's death to sex slaves to Sandra Bland fill the stark black background.

"It is important for me to channel the ideas and concepts I am passionate about into my music and my art," Melanie explained over email. "As an artist with a social platform, I feel it is my responsibility to do so. The video for ‘I Tried’ is a tribute to the fight in which we all witness and experience both internally and externally in the world daily. The conversation of important issues should not end when we turn the TV off. I hope this visual sparks emotion, thought, dialogue, reflection, and ultimately, positive change."

Watch the video premiere of "I Tried" above ahead of the song's release everywhere this Friday. Look for Melanie Fiona's forthcoming album Awake to drop early 2016 on Title 9 Productions/Primary Wave/BMG. Grab the single on iTunes right now.