Lyor Cohen returned to Reddit for an AMA a year after his last interactive Q&A on the site today and updated fans on the progress and status of the still growing 300 Entertainment imprint. While he didn't have any new details regarding Young Thug's much-anticipated album, Cohen doled out some kind words for Thugger all the same, writing, "What makes Thug such an interesting artist is his lack of predictability, and if I knew [about his album], I'd be happy to tell you." 

Elsewhere, Cohen again confirmed Migos' status with the label and credited Rich The Kid as a "future star...[critical] to our company's future." 

As for 300's next steps and role of record labels in 2015, Cohen said, "I think labels in general need to adapt. Not as a reaction to the DIY, but more because it's critical to transition from old media to a progressive one."

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