While Norway's Lido has made his name over the last few years as the future of bass music seen focused, R&B-influenced eyes, this new track "Ashley"—which is taken from an EP he's working on with Santell (who calls himself "the light skinned Tyrese")—is indeed the most-focused we've heard this sound. 

You ever been in the club and saw someone who immediately caught your eye for whatever reason? Maybe it's those lips, maybe those hips... maybe those piercing eyes? Someone who made you bypass EVERYONE ELSE UP IN THE CLUB because this human is the illest human out of all of the humans? That's what "Ashley" is. Whoever Ashley truly is, Santell is smitten, and laces this mid-tempo, bass-boomin', finger-snappin' gem with all of the feels about her. She ain't a stripper, but Santell's trying to tip her.

"Ashley" is the first cut to make it's way to your ears from their forthcoming EP, The Passion Project, which is apparently so fire that the folks behind Mad Decent and Pelican Fly have linked up to present it to the world. File under "immediate listen for anyone trying to revisit the days when R&B was beautiful with a dash of that naughty." Stream the collaboration below.