The four original elements of hip-hop are MCingDJingbreakdancing, and graffiti. People who have grown up in the culture have at least tried one of the four in their lifetime. Jadakiss is a master of two: MCing and, apparently, breakdancing.

Until last night, we had no clue Kiss could flame you with a hot 16 then hit you with a 360 windmill backspin. The veteran took some time to show off his breakdancing skills while in the studio. He starts off slow at first, and it looks like he's just fucking around until he hits that 360 windmill and ends it with a freeze. His moves were so impressive we decided to break the video down using GIFs. Check 'em out below.

He starts it off with a sloppy Toprock but be patient:


He then Downrocks to get some 6-step action. Again, a little sloppy but he's just trying to get the momentum going:


Holy shit, he's being dead serious. That windmill is damn near flawless:


Finally, he hits the freeze for all the haters and the nonbelievers:

Fuck Top 5, Jada is the best rapper alive after this. And shout out to the music supervisor/director for making Rufus and Chaka Khan's "Ain't Nobody" the soundtrack.