It's been a minute since someone unleashed a worthy mashup, concept album like the famed The Grey Album, which found Danger Mouse blend Jay-Z's The Black Album with the Beatles' White Album. Enter Yeezer, the fantastic mashup result of Kanye West and Weezer, courtesy of Ohio State University sophomore student Alex Hodowanec.

According to an interview with, the whole idea started when Hodowanec decided to mash up Ye's "Through The Wire" with Weezer's "Beverly Hills." "Once that first song clicked, I thought, you might as well just go for nine more, right?" he told the site

However, the 10 track album is not two albums mixed together. Instead, it's a mix of songs from various albums in Ye and Weezer's catalogs that sound good together. "It was really just a matter of finding songs that had similar feels and tempos from that point on," he continued. With songs like "Bound 2 Smile" and "Back To Nothing," Hodowanec may have a hit on his hands. Listen and download Yeezer below.