Oxford's Glass Animals have been pretty busy lately, but that hasn't stopped them from keeping on the grind, even on their off days. During their recent U.S. tour, the guys took a day off in NYC and hooked up with local badmon Joey Bada$$ to collaborate on "Lose Control", the latest in the band's Fresh Fruit series. This isn't the first time the four-piece have worked with a rapper, having hooked up with Atlanta's Rome Fortune for a rework of "Hazey".

This new track, "Lose Control", follows a similar path, tapping into their mutual love of the trippier side of life for a psychedelic rap voyage. "I got hold of Joey's mixtape back in 2012 and was hooked," frontman Dave Bayley explained. "A couple months ago I heard he was into Glass Animals so I got in touch, and when I was in Brooklyn he came by the studio one night. Within an hour we had the beat and he was like 'I'm ready.' He got into the booth and put down pretty much the entire thing in one fell swoop... dude is so talented."

So, there you have it. With any luck, this won't be the last time they work with each other.