This past spring, rapper Frank Leone brought us into the woods of Monticello with #EnterWILD​, his ambitious debut project featuring the likes of Saba, Vic Mensa, and Monster Mike. Today, he's back with a soulful reworking of Tyler the Creator's "TreeHome95," Leone's first release since the album dropped in March. 

"Tyler is my hero," Leone told Complex over email. The remix works as a respectful extension of the original track, with Leone interspersing riffs on a stagnant love between Erykah Badu's melody, adding twinkling bells and piano along the way. Halfway through, the song escalates from its lush beginnings into a violently dramatic scene based on real events. "The second half... is an introduction to a story much bigger than a Tyler the Creator remix," says Leone. Listen to the latest chapter of Leone's ever expanding story below, and stay tuned for more from the Chicago-based rapper.