Faceless, anonymous artist Egomunk has just shared the visually rich video for "My TV", the latest track from his ambitious album Footsteps To Mars. The album's already had a lot of love, with fans downloading the album direct from the site in their thousands. A genre-defying piece with huge crossover potential, it's just spawned the "My TV" single and connected with producer Poter Elvinger so much he felt compelled to step up and remix the track. 

The track and the album are supported by an immersive online project where fans can explore the album and Egomunk's music at their own pace, in whatever order they please and at a price of their choosing. One of the site's main features is the Egoview, a component that allows the viewer to both explore the site and contribute their own visuals to the experience.

The video for "My TV", which has been released to celebrate the album being download 300,000 times, sees an animated protagonist narrating the story and bringing the lyrics to life. The animation, a sort of twisted take on the bold imagery of the likes of Pixar or Disney, was created by visual artist Matt Boughton using animation community BlendSwap, an open source platform that allows users to collaborate within the medium of 3D animation. The 3D models themselves were created by kdotart, yellow panda, blendman123, mitja, muhtesemozcinar from the Blendswap platform. The results are haunting and a little disturbing, guaranteed to stay with you for a long time.

Footsteps To Mars is out now and available as a free download.