DJ Q's "Rocky" has been a staple of bassline raves for almost as long as bassline raves have existed. In fact, the track has been the climax of DJ Q's sets for almost a decade. A stone-cold classic alongside tracks like T2's "Heartbroken", if you don't recognise this track we'd be very, very surprised. Backed up with "Poison", the release isn't Q's first outing on Local Action; the label also released his Ineffable album as well as "Through The Night", "Let The Music Play", "Brandy & Coke" and "Trust Again" (along with the latter's remix package).

One can only assume that a long-running relationship, that brings with it an inherent trust and mutual respect, was what led Q to release it with them. Frankly, we couldn't be happier and we can't be the only ones itching to own it on vinyl when it comes out this Friday.