Epic Records have been heavily criticized in recent months for their refusal to pay Bobby Shmurda’s $2 million bail. Shmurda has been in the conversation again after L.A. Reid gave a lengthy explanation on the Rap Radar Podcast last week about why the label can’t bail out their signee. If you missed it, here’s what the Epic CEO said:

“It’s not the industry that it once was. We seriously don’t make the money we used to make. That’s a fact of life, right?," he said. "Bobby Shmurda is not the same as Snoop Dogg and Murder Was the Case, who’s coming off The Chronic and his first album. It’s a different era, you know? And we’re a publicly held corporation. We just aren’t in the same position we were in back in those days. So, it’s a different day.”

Shmurda, along with his mother Leslie Pollard, called into Ebro in the Morning to set the record straight about why he’s been denied bail again.

During the brief phone conversation, Shmurda explains that he has 10 percent the amount of the bail bond to pay. However, they won’t release him unless he pays the full collateral, which is $2 million.

When asked if Sony Music, Epic Records or L.A. Reid been in contact with Shmurda specifically, he replied, “I haven’t get in contact with them in a long time.”

He also gave an update how him and Rowdy Rebel are holding up, as well as debunked some they heard about them in prison. Afterwards, he mentions that a judge tried to raise his bail. “They tried to raise it to $2.5 [million] last time I went to court,” he says. “[They’re trying] to make a big example out of me.”

Watch the rest of the interview above.