You might recognize Minneapolis-born, Chicago-based producer BoatHouse from his many production credits including his assist on the recently released WebsterX track "Kinfolk." Today, the young 22-year old who has been earning his way up from intern to signed producer at Chicago's SoundScape (best known as the home to the Closed Sessions studio) returns to the internet to drop his latest effort Girl.

The Girl EP is a self-declared "homage to women in musical form." "My music has always been influenced by women in some way. My tag is even a sound cut from the show Gossip Girl,'" BoastHouse told us over email. "This EP is a way to show my appreciation for girls by channeling the energy I feel from them into each track. Each song is named after a girl who has done something to affect me and how I think, whether directly or in directly." 

Drawing from his Rhymesayers roots, Boathouse induces the EP with his brand of fortified electronics that are hip-hop at it's spinal core muscled by layers of soft synths and flexed with a seamless effort. Listen to our exclusive premiere of his Girl EP and peep below for a track-by-track rundown where BoatHouse sends a message to all girls: "You are the source of life and beauty in this world and I love you for it."

"Blair" is a fictional girl who came to me in a dream with visions of my future. Hence the vocal sample "dreaming of the day." “Blair" is also the name of the character played by Leighton Meester in Gossip Girl and I looove Leighton. 

"Cassie" is a little more surface level. It's a rework of the Cassie song "Me & U." If you saw the "me & u" video and didn't immediately fall in love with that woman you should probably never listen to this EP. “Cassie" is gorgeous and also created one of the best songs to play in the club to this day. 

"Taylor" is about the Taylor's I've known. And also Taylor Swift

"Eve" is a completely original song without a sample in it that just means night. While "Blair" is supposed to be day, "Eve" is the opposite type of girl. A lot of these songs I began creating over a year ago and kept adding to them. The concepts came when they came, but the overall theme is girls. You are the source of life and beauty in this world and I love you for it. <3"< p>