Taking in a performance by the folk duo Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear is something that happens in layers. Firstly, you’re struck by the music—by the virtuosity of the two guitar players, and the amazing baritone voice of Madisen Ward, the primary singer. Then, you’re hit by the difference in age; Madisen is a young man, and “the Mama Bear” sports a full head of gray hair. Finally, the realization sinks in—Mama Bear is Madisen’s mother, Ruth Ward. Now you know you are watching something truly special.

The duo, now on a nationwide tour, was discovered by Scott “Lazlo” Geiger, a DJ in their hometown of Kansas City, Mo. Geiger was skeptical, as anyone would be, about taking time to listen to a kid play guitar with his mom, but after seeing the two perform on YouTube, he knew he had to do whatever he could to help shine a light on this one-of-a-kind musical act. He helped bring Madisen and Ruth to the attention of Glassnote Records, home of modern folk heroes Mumford & Sons, who immediately signed them.

The video above, the latest in the Uncharted series, brings you directly into the world of Madisen Ward and the Mama Bear—their home, their history, and, most importantly, their music. Watch now and become instant fans of these truly unique artists.