Lethal Bizzle has never been one to shy away from collaborations. Back To Bizznizz featured collaborations with Babyshambles and Kate Nash. He even brought in his cousin, ex-Arsenal midfielder Emmanuel Frimpong for a remix of "Leave It Yeah". Meanwhile, in the world of grime, regular posse cuts with the likes of the Grime All-Stars and a feature on Jammer's "Royal Rumble" last month show that Bizzle's more than capable of teaming up with any MC, no matter their flow, and producing a certifiable banger. This is where Bulmers, a drinks company who are all about trying something different, come in.

Lethal B will be teaming up with acclaimed film composer David Arnold and R&B singer Sinead Harnett as part of the #LiveColourful.LIVE project created by Bulmers. The project comes as part of the drink's company's drive to bring grime to a whole new audience through boundary-crossing collaborations. The project will see the three artists collaborate together, culminating in a grand live performance and a studio track that will balance Lethal B's high-power bars, Harnett's sultry R&B and Arnold's orchestral grandeur.

This got us thinking about what could be in store for the future. After more than 10 years on top, Lethal Bizzle's doing better than ever right now. He's basically the King Midas of grime. Every single one of these collaborations would irreparably blow all of our minds.