It's no mystery that Toronto is currently booming with all kinds of musical talent at the moment, with artists from all over the city proving that they have what it takes to make it on a larger scale. That brings us to 11:11, who is a young R&B artist on the scene and ready to break out with his self-titled debut project. The seven-song effort comes with plenty of ups and downs, as 11 flexes versatility throughout, while showing a vulnerability through the personal lyrics. 

"Most of us go through break-ups. Whether things end good or bad, it will always hurt. Even though it hurts, you're not going to live in that forever...regardless of it'll be good without them," 11 said of his work. The project, which you can stream below, boasts executive producer credits from Matthew Burnett and Mike DZL, who have previously worked with EminemDrake, and more.