P’ARIS are a mysterious, glossy, hook-heavy electro-pop twosome, who are already buzzing with only two songs to their credit. Their debut single "Heaven + High Water" is a pulsating. super-charged juggernaut, and the duo just followed it up with a whimsical banger that features two dream team collaborators. 

Los Angeles by way of Vancouver producer Stint is probably best known for the spacious production work he’s contributed to the dark, new-wave singles by Los Angeles R&B vocalist Gallant. The electronic drone maestro has found a new vocal muse in Vancouver-based Rosie June, an electro-pop singer/songwriter with a dreamlike vocal. To our benefit, P'ARIS has enlisted both on their sophomore single "Confidence." 

P’ARIS are tight-lipped on the duo's formation and future plans, but their newest single is a blindingly bright peek behind the curtain. Stint helps lay a foundation of distorted synths and micro-sampled vocals over clap-happy 808s, while Rosie June's lyrics paint a picture of sparkling uncertainty. "Confidence" is bound to face Purity Ring and CHVRCHES comparisons, but doubters be damned—this team resuscitated the electro-pop formula with a next-level beat and unmistakable songwriting chemistry.  

“'Confidence' is a song about being completely unprepared for monumental life changes, and calling bullshit on people who won't admit they’re afraid of the future,” P’ARIS told Complex via email. “For the video, we illustrated that by putting Rosie in a clean, modern home setting, juxtaposed by a strangely ominous dancing panda dude. If we’d had an elephant mask I suppose we could have really rolled with an ‘elephant in the room’ nod, but ‘panda in the room’ will have to do for now.”

Just two songs into their mythology, P’ARIS already have us locked in, anxious to hear more. Watch the video for “Confidence” above.  

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