Drake and Future are riding high on the strength of What A Time To Be Alive. The collaborative mixtape has received widespread acclaim, selling 375,000 copies to top the Billboard 200, while landing eight of the album’s 11 tracks on the Billboard Hot 100 this week. Regardless of where you stand who came out on top—let’s be real,  it was obviously Future Hendrix, right?—it’s a massive win for both artists.

That said, the album is not without its detractors. When presented with the lyrics for “Jumpman,” this Grandma nearly lost her shit. During a lyrical analysis of “Jumpman” by Drake and Future, she comes across more than a few of the hottest takes:

Chi-town, Chi-town, Michael Jordan just said text me (Woo!)

“Chi Town? What is that, China Town?...That sounds Chinese. Especially that it ends up with 'Woo.'”

Mutombo with the bitches, you keep getting rejected (Woo!)

“Who is Mutombo? Girls don’t like him? They gotta write this when they’re drunk, or high, or something, because this doesn’t make sense.”

Dopeman, dopeman, dopeman, dopeman, dopeman, dopeman

“My husband had to take dopamine when he had a heart attack.”

It might be a few more years before she gets her Rap Genius profile verified.

This isn’t the first time this lively Grandma has put her spin on the news of the day. On the YouTube channel 3GoldenSisters, “Mary” meets with her friends, and talks pop culture on camera, covering subjects as diverse as Kim Kardashian’s sex tape, the Gathering Of The Juggalos, and selfies. The show’s creator promises that the scenes are unscripted and 100 percent real, and we believe him—you can’t make this stuff up.

"Jesus, Drake, I’m really ashamed of you, ‘cause I know you’re smart...I heard his name is ‘Sir Drake,’” Mary says, shaking her head. Then, she drops the finishing move: “Give it up, Drake.”

Wow. Ice cold. I guess no one warned her what happens when you diss Aubrey. Let’s hope Mary has a strategy in place, or The Boy might have to go back to back for the second time this year. Go easy on her, Sir Drake—she’s somebody’s Bubby.

Watch the whole hilarious reaction video above.