Musically speaking, 1999 was a generous year. Eminem roared into immediately controversial action with the Slim Shady LP. Backstreet Boys got futuristic on the underrated Millennium. Future Cash Money superstars Limp Bizkit got even limper with Significant Other. However, the most important contribution to the era, and a fitting sendoff for the 90s in general, was SisQó's lowkey brilliant "Thong Song."

Scientifically speaking, the track is still a banger. In fact, its total profits are currently at the center of a contentious lawsuit filed by SisQó earlier this week. The suit is reportedly aimed at 27 Red Music, a company hired by SisQó to collect royalties from various publishing companies for all works released between 1996 and 2005, the largest moneymaker being the aforementioned "Thong Song."

SisQó says 27 Red stiffed him on $600,000 in lost royalties, according to TMZ. He's also asking for $3 million in punitive damages, adding up to a hefty haul for the classic '99 track. For those somehow unaware of the cerebral subject matter of "Thong Song," Wikipedia has a lengthy refresher course for you: