Pharrell Williams' scheduled performance in Cape Town, South Africa was the scene of a protest today, as protestors boycotted the show because of his affiliation with a South African retailer. According to NY Daily News, Pharrell's promotional deal with Woolworths had the citizens of Cape Town outraged, and they claimed that the company (and by proxy, Pharrell) "Supports Israel, a country that supports the oppression of Palestine, a country that is the new apartheid state."

The large crowd convened near the Grand West Casino where the show was set to take place, and they waved signs that ranged from forgiving ("Pharrell is welcome if Gaza is free"), to harsh ("Pharrell and Woolworths have blood on their hands"). Pharrell and Woolworths have been working on a number of different eco-friendly fashion endeavors for South Africa, as well as a scholarship program for kids. A rep for the company also said that they do not source produce from Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories, and they clearly label it on their products.