Hot off the success of "All Around The World," Rejjie Snow returns with more thought-provoking rap with his new track, "Blakkst Skn." Kaytranada handles production on this one, offering up a bed of electro-tinged funk for Snow to bounce his yearnful flow on. It's fun and upbeat but, as with anything young Rej delivers, there's an earnest side to his jovial exterior. "This track is one of those tracks I always wanted to make," Snow told Complex over email. "I'm at one of those points in my life where I'm learning how to handle myself as a man. I'm not afraid to make mistakes anymore. I'm just all about growing with my homies, and continuing to plant this seed further."

The single (out Nov. 13 through HONEYMOON) also features pop singer Rea Morris, whose breezy tone sweeps over the track and gives it a touch of commercial cool. Don't sleep on the kids. Stream the track exclusively below: