Milton Keynes-based production collective Junction 13 originally made their name providing grime beats for heavy-hitters such as Kano and Crazy Titch, but since then have moved into more of UKG and deep house vibe. The last 12 months have seen them put out the Stay United EP as well as the "See Me Through" single, each tapping into their love of the low-end. Their latest cut, "Desire" continues in that vein with a relaxed deep house beat for R&B chanteuse SHRLT to work her magic over. We're told the track was originally written while Junction 13 were producing SHRLT's debut EP, only for the track to take on a life of its own, ending up as a J13 production instead.

"The way she approached it was really refreshing," Junction 13 told us via email, "and we couldn't quite work out where it sat genre-wise but we all loved it and could dance to it so we quickly came to the decision that this was destined to be a Junction 13 song, and furthermore something that would act as a departure from what's typically expected of us. The vibe we wanted to capture was a song that could be a laid-back listen but also uplift and sound weighty in the club, and we're confident that we've reached that balance with 'Desire'."

The single is out on October 9.