One Direction fans are no doubt still reeling from news that the group will take an "extended hiatus" upon the release of their next album. "Extended hiatus" sounds a lot like a euphemism for "we're breaking up," but in the meantime there's still a lot going on in 1D land.

On the heels of breaking a handful of Guinness World Records like "the most followers on Twitter for a music group"—they're at 24 million—the boys rolled through Philadelphia last night as a part of their ongoing tour. While in Philly the group treated fans to a kind of awkward rendition of a hometown favorite: Will Smith's iconic theme-song from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The guys stumble through most of the song but bail before finishing. "We didn't think that through," Niall says in a clip of the performance. "We needed to rehearse it." One Direction has actually been performing the song for years, but the hometown love definitely brought it home. 

Check out a clip of the Philly performance below: