Chicago-based artist Max Wonders is slowly but surely becoming a young artist to watch. Tomorrow, he'll be dropping his You Will Never Find EP but to get the hype going, he drops a feel good track titled "Party In The Hills" today. Over production from his collaborator Sowle, Wonders croons and spits over glittery, ethereal production while reminiscing about fun times with friends and preparing for an epic party in the Hills.

"[It's] what it feels like to have a fun time with your close friends but also talking about my friends not wanting me to blow up in the first verse reflects on not getting too caught up in the party lifestyle just because you're 'young and dumb,'" he told Complex over email. "The EP is the soundtrack of a summer. It's from the perspective of a young person trying not to get 'lost in the summertime,' so-to-speak, finding themselves, etc. It's all of the ups and downs of being a young person in many different moments."

Wonders was inspired by spending some time in Los Angeles "working on new music and getting good solitude." You can stream it below and look for his EP out tomorrow: