Mack Wilds has been staying quiet this year. Two years ago, he was deemed an exciting new act with his album, New York: A Love Story, that included hits “Own It” and “Henny.” For Mack Wilds, laying low must be a good thing because he’s back with an excellent new song for couples in love called “Bonnie & Clyde.”

As he describes on Twitter: “You ever been in love?… like… DEEP in love? like, so in love that even when you guys break up… even when you both say ‘it's over’… it never really feels like it? I'm talking like, this one person forever has a hold on you… you can never shake this one person… no matter who they're with… no matter who you're with… you know they always can have what they want from you…this song is for us.”

Listen to the smooth offering below, and get ready to hear more from Mack Wilds soon.