Days after the long awaited unveiling of Young Thug's Slime Season mixtape, the confirmed greatest interviewee of 2015 is back with a sleek collaboration with Keyshia Cole. Featuring reliably astute production from London On Da Track, "Don't Waste My Time" gives Thugger the opportunity to squeeze in a timely Tom Cruise reference without really jarring the listener out of the track's carefully orchestrated universe:

Keyshia is currently working with London on her seventh album, which she recently described as "more fun" than the rest of her discography. Before sharing the new track on Twitter, Keyshia 'grammed that "Don't Waste My Time" is meant solely as a gift for those who have followed her on this seven-album journey. "[I] told my team that I need to drop something now," Keyshia 'grammed. "I wanted to give my fans a free song. My first single will be out soon. This one is for the streets!"