Lil Wayne is no stranger to ESPN, and recently appeared on Cari Champion's "Giving Major Props" podcast to talk about his Lil Weezyana Fest, the influence of N.W.A. on him, the NFL season, and much more. He says he was proud of how everything turned out with the Lil Weezyana show, and that there was a large amount of money raised during it, which all went to Hurricane Katrina charities.

But Wayne also went in on some stories of his past, one about a phone call he had with Jay Z years ago that really cemented his place in the game. He compared that call to his own relationship with Drake. Of course, Wayne helped discover Drake and put him onto a major platform in the industry, which makes the situations different. Still, Weezy shared a few stories about his early conversations with Drake, and how he told him to not change his style once they became affiliated. "Don't change anything, don't think cause you coming over here by me that you need to rap about the things that I rap about. Don't do none of that," he said. 

Cari tried to get Wayne to speak on the recent Drizzy and Meek Mill drama, and while he wouldn't, he did admit that he thinks "everyone" enjoys Drake's Meek diss song "Back to Back." As far as who's a better rapper between him and Drake right now? "I annihilate that guy," Wayne said as he laughed. Check out the full interview below.