Honestly, if Lil Wayne's sex life is even half as active as his raps imply, then it's a wonder he's only just facing a sex tape scandal this late in his career. According to TMZ, someone's trying to sell a recording of Weezy getting his Danny Glover on (twooooooo women), but apparently it's not a genuine home movie. His reps say if a sex tape does exist, then Weezy F had no idea that the f was for filming and will pursue legal action if it's actually released.

Why does a guy who raps about cunnilingus care about footage of his threesome leaking? Maybe because the video allegedly shows him wearing socks while doing the deed. The only way to lose cool points while shacking up with two women is looking like Jim from American Pie during. Just imagine, we would never take Wayne's sex raps seriously again, a serious blow to his personal brand. We'll keep you updated as this tube-sock-sex fiasco develops.