Earlier this week, Kanye West mentioned in his Vanity Fair interview that the release of SWISH—or whatever his next album will be called—might still be years away. 'Ye mentioned that he's focused on his family first—and music second. This undoubtedly disappointed a lot of his fans, but they shouldn't sulk yet. It looks like Kanye might still be working on something big on the music side right now.

Yesterday, Larry Jackson, former Interscope A&R and the current head of Apple Music content, posted a picture of him and Kanye working on something—and warned his followers to stay tuned. The possibilities between Apple and Kanye are endless, but one potential outcome could be working on a forthcoming music video exclusively, which Apple has recently done with Drake and Eminem.

Of course, the Kanye West and Apple rumors have been around for a few months now, with Buzzfeed reporting that the two sides have been talking for some time about a possible deal. Exactly what Kanye and Apple are currently working on will remain to be seen, but it seems like big things on the way.