Cover albums might be making a comeback. Just last week, Ryan Adams put an indie, male-vocal twist on Taylor Swift's epic 1989, and now Swift collaborator, Jack Antonoff, is getting involved in a cover album of his own. In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, the Bleachers frontman talked about the idea for an all-female cover project of the band's debut album Strange Desire and how the new album came together.

"This is the idea I had about six years ago," he told EW. "When I write songs, I hear my version of a female voice in my head and I write the songs in the key that a woman would sing it. And so this is really like a look into how I write and why I write. What I wanted the project to be is much more than just a reinterpretation but sort of an actual look into how I hear the songs as I’m writing them by the people who inspire me to write in the first place."

The project is actually the follow-up to Antonoff's Terrible Thrills Vol. 1, which featured nothing but female covers of his other band he fronted from 2002 to 2013 called Steel Train. When asked how he picked the singers including Sia, ​tourmate Charli XCX and Tinashe for the project, he explained "It had to be artists that are present in my head when I’m writing, because there has to be that connection of like, these songs are reinterpreted by the people that inspired me to write it in the first place."

He also revealed that the band is in the studio working on the next Bleachers album. "I’m just trying tons of bizarre things and slowly putting it together and understanding what it’s going to sound like." Listen to Terrible Thrills, Vol. 2 available for free on Google Play.