R.A. the Rugged Man, a New York-based MC, has long believed in the supremacy of “Golden Age” rappers. In an effort to keep that feeling alive, he's kept his ear to the streets for anyone who might be able to carry that torch. When he first heard the rhymes of an unknown rapper named A-F-R-O, he believed he was hearing the next incredible talent. When he learned that the rapper was just 17-years-old, he knew he had just stumbled across something special.

A-F-R-O, whose real name is James Gutierrez, is a teenager from Southern California, who does indeed sport an afro. He wears glasses, and admits to not having the easiest time in school—but when you hear him flow, there is no question that beneath the awkward exterior there is a bottomless well of talent. You can become acquainted with A-F-R-O—both his personal story and his amazing music—by clicking the video above for the first episode in the new series Uncharted. So hit play, sit back, and prepare to join the believers.