So far in the series of challenges set by Desperados we've seen Bristol's Mediks turn futuristic video for his D&B workout, "Original Selecta", and then Brizzle party-starters Shifted Spaces put themselves squarely on the map with some inventive promotion techniques. Next up is part three of the challenges and it's the most impressive one yet.

As ever, emphasis was put on inventiveness and the team's ability to do the unexpected. For this challenge that meant throwing a party in somewhere you'd never expect. With record shops doubling up as venues and bakeries doubling up as craft breweries, the concept of an "unexpected location" is becoming more and elusive. That wasn't a problem for Bristol's Shifted Spaces set up camp in the Old Court Rooms on Bridewell Street. A pretty unusual spot for a rave, you'll no doubt agree, but they didn't stop there. Unusual location sorted, the team of mavericks then set about adding their own touches to the building including a "live" LED ceiling which was used for the first time in Bristol. There was also a Go Pro projector in the middle filming the crowd so that when you looked up you would see yourself.

All three teams had some pretty enormous line-ups so Bristol knew they had to go in hard. For the main room of their party the boys invited the legendary Tectonic to takeover with some of their artists. Step forward, Mumdance, Pinch and Wen who, as you can probably guess, went in hard, impeccably backed by Acre and Ipman. Judging by the grins on the sweaty faces of the crowd, it was an unforgettable night. But that wasn't all. In room 2 Jus Now, Dismantle, Dutty Girl, Distro, Head Of State and Patrick Nazemi all stepped up to the metaphorical plate, the latter two playing a B2B set.

All three challenges - the music videos, the promotion and now these parties - have all been leading up to one moment. The fourth and final challenge (which we'll reveal more about in the very near future) will see each of the three teams coming together for a massive UKF party in Building Six in London on Friday, September 25. That final party promises to be an absolutely massive one that will see sets from Sub Focus, Cause & Affect, Dimension, Dub Phizix, Flava D, Joker (who'll be performing live), Memtrix, Ownglow, Sh?M, Teddy Killerz. All three teams will be controlling Room 2 for the majority of the night. They'll all have to share the stage, which will include an impressive projection mapping rig, competing with their own visuals, lighting rigs as well as various areas around the building. Each team will have two one-hour slots for their DJs. With both time and space being so limited for each of the teams, competition will be high and the atmosphere electric as each team competes to outmanoeuvre their competitors.