Sunday night, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis performed their new single, "Downtown," at the MTV VMAs in Los Angeles. The performance included special appearances from hip-hop legends Melle MelKool Moe Dee, and Grandmaster Caz, who all are featured on the song. In light of the performance, fellow hip-hop pioneer, Big Daddy Kane, has voiced his approval of Macklemore for putting Mel, Moe, and Caz on that stage, and said that he doesn't see anyone else doing that. Kane also said that hip-hop needs to acknowledge their own legends more, and not just do it when someone passes away. The full post can be read below. 


REAL TALK!!! I don't see one artist in the game that put Melle Mel, Kool Moe Dee or Grandmaster Caz on their new song or let them perform on the VMA's (Including Me) but people wanna have a problem with @macklemore for paying homage to them? We don't acknowledge our own & get mad when another color does. Now if one of them passes, then we wanna post shit about them, say RIP & get t-shirts with their picture. FOH!!!!!!! Learn about your history & preserve it now. If not, SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! To me this is about real pioneers getting recognition in today's society.

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