Earlier this year, Afroman cruised back into headlines for the first time since the dawn of the new millennium after punching a woman in the face during a show in Biloxi, Mississippi. After the incident quickly morphed into TMZ gold, witnesses started recounting the incident to a variety of esteemed literary journals. Afroman reportedly clocked the female fan, then continued performing as if nothing happened until police showed up and arrested him.

Shortly after punching a woman, Afroman proceeded to tell everyone that he was simply acting in self defense due to inadequate security. However, that argument was rendered pointless when the "Because I Got High" auteur pled guilty to assault earlier this week. Afroman now faces a "six-month suspended jail sentence," meaning he must undergo anger management counseling and submit to regular drug tests. Additionally, he's on the hook for a paltry $330 fine.

To recap, the man behind the song above will not be able to get high for six months after punching a woman in the face in Mississippi. In fact, Afroman is reportedly trying to get rid of his weed to avoid the temptation: