Since the premiere of "Lately" earlier this yearMilwaukee-based MC Webster X has opened up for Lupe Fiasco, and started working on new music for his first studio album, which drops later this year—it's still nameless, he says. After letting "Lately" cook for a few months, he drops the stunning video directed by Cody Laplant and Damien Klaven for the Mic Kellogg produced track.

"It more embodies all the new gained attention I got from doomsday and the interesting change of pace I experienced, reason why it's called 'Lately,'" he told Complex earlier this year. "It sheds light on some of the healthy pressures I felt realizing that it's not 'all on me' it's 'all on team' and the people around me who support."

The short film is an abstract representation of "light," he says. "This means light, light in the sense of realizing a light was always there, digging yourself out of a hole you were in and realizing the new world has amazing friends that come with it, don't ever settle." Look for more new music from Webster coming soon, and read more about him in this Pigeons & Planes interview.

Webster explained the video on his Twitter, too: 

Anyways, lately right? Lately started as a song, a free release rather, that turned into a "wait, is this a single off of his album?" All lately was, was another outlet for my ideals behind depression, something so foreign to my understanding until it struck me for most of early 2014.

The film plot: I'm beneath the ground, however i'm not dead like most think. I'm actually buried alive. I've been buried alive for quite some time proven by the weakness of my legs aka "the web walk". After days of walking to find, find simply. I eventually pass out, upon waking my hair is in an odd dread bun and i'm clothed in white drapery. Two foreign locals carry me the rest of the way through their territory (symbolizing eventual help, i'm starting to break out of my depression). I meet a forest full of unique locals, eventually i pass out again and am given a sacred marking on my forehead and an herbal remedy. After a dance celebration i have fully been welcomed but a forward jolt in time happens. I am eventually staring down a path with no control of my own body. A pure white, darkened woman with a white horse trail behind me, she then turns around, lifts her veil and silences me to (here's the big question) **death????**. but then why did i begin the film buried alive in rose pedals? And why was there a female in the village with roses?? An inner poison all along? Can depression strike me again? Maybe."