Learning how to properly enjoy a yacht ride can be a bit perplexing for newcomers. What do people wear on yachts? What do they drink? To which Jermaine Dupri and Bow Wow song do they effortlessly lip sync? Here to answer all of these questions are Dupri and Shad Moss themselves, breathing new life into their recently released single "WYA (Where You At?)" with the official G. Visuals-helmed visual accompaniment.

The track was initially released alongside some admirably minimal artwork back in May, shortly after Bow Wow officially exited his deal with Cash Money. In fact, 2015 has proven a bizarrely eventful year for Bow Wow in a variety of fascinating though often contradicting ways. Though a certain Vine featuring Moss passing through a sea of teenagers bafflingly undetected is clearly never going to die, that didn't stop restless Twitter users from birthing and continually pumping new life into the growing #BowWowHive movement.

Anyway, back to yachts. The So So Def approach to yachting can be absorbed and emulated by carefully following the steps outlined in the video above. Just remember: with great yachting comes great responsibility.