On Sunday night, the official Tupac Shakur Twitter account teased that a special announcement was coming from his estate on Monday evening. This led fans to believe that something major was coming in regards to 'Pac, with the potential of his biopic finally being put together, or maybe even new, unreleased music. The tweet included artwork and read "Expect Me...," with a picture of 'Pac attached. Anticipation was high. 

Well, none of that happened. The announcement turned out to be for a social media art exhibit, in which the family is going to pick out 20 of the best pieces they've been sent and feature them on Tupac's social media pages. This is cool, but it's a far reach from what we all expected was coming. Not to mention, the announcement came six hours after it was scheduled, which probably didn't help ease fans' frustrations and expectations. 

As always, Twitter had a field day with this. Who knew that Tupac was such a good troll, though?