The "Big Pimpin" sample case is finally going to court after eight years, and it looks like both Jay Z and Timbaland will testify during the trial, which is set to begin on October 13. The premise of the trial basically boils down to whether or not Timbo and Hov rightfully sampled the Egyptian song, "Kohsara, Kohsara," that was used in the making of the rap hit, and if the company that cleared them to originally use the sample had the right to do so.

The original company was a subsidy of EMI, and Timbo actually paid them $100,000 for the rights to use the song on "Big Pimpin," though the man claiming rightful ownership of the song, Osama Ahmed Fahmy, says that Timbo's initial deal with EMI was never valid. The two sides have failed to reach a settlement after all of these years, so it's doubtful that they would come to an agreement with the trial on the horizon. Additionally, THR is reporting that Fahmy is also seeking revenue from Jay Z's concerts in the time since "Big Pimpin" has been out, and will use a marketing expert in the trial to determine how much the song helped Hov's ticket sales.