UPDATE (8/25/15): Majical Cloudz has taken to Twitter to share their side of the story in a series of tweets to explain a "video director we didn't particularly enjoy working with for a brief period in 2013 doesn't speak for the band" while Moore took to Instagram once again adding that he is "not calling out any specific body."

for the record I didn't accuse The Weeknd of stealing our video lol, this is laughable. Our original video idea was very generic

— ㎡ΛJ¡¢∀⌠ ₡Ł✪υδΖ (@majicalcloudz) August 25, 2015

The person who made that foolish claim was a video director we briefly worked on something with before going our separate ways

— ㎡ΛJ¡¢∀⌠ ₡Ł✪υδΖ (@majicalcloudz) August 25, 2015

See original story from 8/24/15 below.

It's official: The Weeknd's "Can't Feel My Face" is 2015's song of the summer. If that were not enough, he is also the most popular musician on Beats 1 Radio, the top-selling singles artist on iTunes, and the hottest singer on the Billboard Hot 100 (which he proved with a headlining performance at the inaugural #Hot100Fest over the weekend). Suffice it to say that Abel Tesfaye is having a much better summer than you.

What is a chart-topping single without it's accompanying video though? The Weeknd's single is no exception and got the video treatment earlier this summer, which debuted on Apple Music.

Featuring a lovelorn Weeknd serenading a less-than-enthused crowd in what seems like some castaway bar in Vegas, the video no sooner goes up in flames. What we didn't know is that the video is eerily similar to an unreleased video for Majical Cloudz. Video director Mitch Moore (who has worked with Mykki Blanco and Ian Isiahamong others) took to his Instagram to offer a frame by frame comparison of the two videos.

Moore explained: "So about a year ago, I directed a video for Majical Cloudz. Because of creative differences, it never came out. But the production was large, and many feedback emails were sent with private uploads of the edit. It's come to my attention that someone at the helm of a certain mega popular video had seen one or more of these unreleased edits. My mind is a mansion of creativity, so this petty theft is nbd to me. BUT I'M STILL CALLING THE POLICE!! 😜😜😜😜 #TRYABITCHONCE"

Peep the side-by-side comparison above.