In Complex and Mass Appeal's new animated series, Super, we ask rappers to describe what they'd be like if they were superheroes. They describe what they'd look like, what their powers would be, what their ride would be, and everything else. While they're talking, animator Hectah (who you can follow on Instagram) brings their ideas to life on screen.  

In the latest episode of Super, Ratking's Wiki describes his superhero character, Leprecoqui, which is a combination of a leprechaun​ and a coqui (a frog). The combination might sound strange but Wiki himself is half Irish and half Puerto Rican so you can see where the connection comes from. With a brew in his hand, Wiki explains how his character would dress in chancletas, leap from tall buildings, and have his own private subway car. But the funniest part is when he describes the villian, Bedford Ave hipsters and yuppies who he'd rob. 

Check out the episode above and be sure to check out every episode of Super.