UPDATE: Since publishing this post, SoundCloud has restored Radar Radio’s account. While we're not sure the reasons it was suspended, you can browse the account once again here.

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The love/hate relationship we have with Soundcloud is real. Soundcloud has proven to be revolutionary for both artist and fan, offering a seamless way for artists with even the most non-existent budgets a platform to share their music, build an audience and interact with the music community. However, the service also has it's pitfalls from removing artist's music to it's recently-implemented 24-hour streaming limit.

Today, more sad Soundcloud news arrives. According to Fact Mag, the streaming service has removed London internet station Radar Radio's entire account. The account that had 900,000 spins was told by Soundcloud they had seven days to “sort out any copyright infringements” but their account disappeared the following day. Dubstep producer Plastician reports his account has also been suspended - over posting his own music to which he owns the publishing rights.

We understand you are trying to navigate the music industry and find new ways to monetize your service, but this is not cool Soundcloud.