Charlie Rose sure knows how to pull an internet-smashing revelation from his guests, doesn't he? During their recent appearance on Rose's PBS program, Jack Ü (a bankable duo consisting of Diplo and Skrillex for those woefully aloof) revealed that an "album's worth of material" with Arcade Fire (or just Win Butler?) is soon to be revisited and presumably completed for an eventual music-criticism-perplexing release.

"We just jammed on live instruments for about 45 minutes," Skrillex tells Rose, with Diplo adding that he's currently "editing down these loops" before sending them back to Butler for vocal accompaniment. Of course, this collaboration was vaguely hinted at earlier this year when a swarm of photos showed up via Arcade Fire Tube showing the possible supergroup trading ideas in Arcade Fire's own Sonovox Studio:

As speculation started to multiply, Butler appeared to clarify that the photos were simply documenting a "studio tour" given to Skrillex and Diplo without any creative merits. However, the duo's excited comments on Rose's show add another layer of confusion and/or confirmation to the increasingly compelling possibilities of an Arcade Fire v Skrillex v Diplo sonic cage match.

Catch Charlie Rose's full interview with Skrillex and Diplo below, and swiftly allow your dreams to be filled with predictions of how exactly such a supergroup might reinvent the festival circuit: