The video for Icie's new single "The Becoming", taken from his latest EP The Phoenix, is a raw, well-considered lament of the struggles of modern day life. More specifically, the London rapper breaks down the seeming futility of it all; the mounting bills, poor wages, the struggle to provide for a family, and how they tie in with the notion of what many believe it means to be a man. From there, he starts to explore that and the reasons for putting on a front to the outside world, as well as how damaging it can be. He tells us despite his hard exterior, he's still a loving man. 

The video itself is a simple presentation of the story, showing us Icie slowly becoming overwhelmed as he pleads and sounds off with debt collectors. Peppered within that are close-ups with the emcee as he bears his soul in the most direct way possible, by looking you right in the eye. Watch it all unfold, exclusively above.