As ever, what separates this release from any other vocal-led release this year is Elderbrook's mesmerisingly unique voice. It's hard to tear yourself away when you listen to his velvety tones, but then again why would you want to? Fans will have already heard two of the tracks from his new EP Travel Slow (out Aug. 21 on Black Butter); both "Be There Soon" and "Good Enough" garnered a lot of attention when they emerged earlier this year. The latest to be heard from the release is the title track, a slightly slower track that makes ingenious use of negative space, placing as much importance on the pauses as it does on the polyrhythmic beat or in Elderbrook's mercurial voice.

As Elderbrook explained to us via email, "the EP took a few months to make in my flat in London. The interesting thing about this EP is, in my view, the more frequent use of live instruments; there was much more in this EP than in 'Simmer Down'. It was great to bring the live sounds into what was previously much more electronically based. 'Good Enough' is a close favourite on the EP for myself because the words mean a lot to me. It was also a rare chance to involve some funk-esque guitars which is something I hadn't experimented much with before. Having said that, all three of the songs bring a different dynamic to the EP: "Good Enough" and "Be There Soon" are very chilled but with a prominent bounce, and then "Travel Slow", the title track, is a faster, much more aggressive tune than I've done before. I'm just excited for people to hear it."

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