Less than 24 hours after posting up an image on Instagram that seemed to show him giving Action Bronson a stern talking to, Wu-Tang Clan affiliate Popa Wu clarified in a follow-up post earlier today. Yesterday, Popa Wu posted the above image with a caption alluding that he wasn't letting Bronson's snide comments about Ghostface Killahslide. Of course, before that Bronson had already apologized but Ghost refused the "sorry" flat out in a hilariously soulful rebuttal video. 

Today, Popa Wu explained that him and Action Bronson didn't actually get "into nothing" and made sure to announce that he meant no disrespect to Sean Price, whose wake was the occasion for the coincidental meet-up. "Everybody's trying to put out there that I disrespect Shawn p.wake kno that not me," he wrote. Still, Popa Wu didn't back off completely, adding that he "was actually standing talking to [Bronson] like a father to a son" after learning that Bronson didn't recognize him. "I never yelled at that brother I was jus letting him no how real life is," Wu wrote. 

Meanwhile, a short clip of the confrontation was uploaded to YouTube and can be seen below. 

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