Last night Yasiin Bey made his debut as a stand-up comic at a Montreal club. Bey's inagural routine was billed as "Happy Birthday! Shut Up" at the Phi Centre in Montreal, according to Pitchfork, and the night also featured an appearance from Kaytranada. Local website and magazine Cult MTL recapped the evening and detailed some of Mos Def's jokes. 

Speaking about Drake and Meek Mill's beef, Bey reportedly said, "The male ego is a boring place." He also quipped about Kanye West's recent mic-drop—er, throw—at the Pan American Games in Toronto and wondered about what a date between Wiz Khalifa and Caitlyn Jenner might be like. 

“My dream had been to do stand-up comedy, and I’m sitting down," he said during the performance. "Don’t I look like I’m living my dream? I’m here living my dream, and I look like Tyler on the cover of that album.

So far we only have a couple brief clips of the performance, which you can watch below, but Mos is also scheduled for another round at the same venue tonight. 

YASIIN BEY @ Centre Phi | Happy Birthday! Shut up. from Centre Phi | Phi Centre on Vimeo.

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