It’s no secret that WILDE are one of our favourite discoveries of 2015. The Toronto-based electro trio wowed us in April with “Flashlight,” a slice of melancholic pop heaven that introduced us to the arresting vocals of Giselle Mapp, and the luxurious production work of Brandon Merenick and Olutobi ‘Nyra’ Akinwumi. It’s only fitting that we have the exclusive drop of their second official single “Colours.”

“Colours” is an appropriate name for the track, which features a vibrant and bouncy instrumental compared to WILDE’s previous effort. Mapp is as captivating as ever, bringing us her catchiest chorus yet, with a story of yearning embedded within. "The song is about rebellion and love, but it has a fleeting feeling,” the band told Complex via email. “It plays with your emotions right from the haunting and melodic chants, through to the bass thumping chorus.”

Listen to the exclusive premiere of “Colours,” the sophomore single from WILDE, below. Stay tuned for the Flashlight EP, dropping soon.

As a bonus, we’ve also got a b-side to pair with the release of “Colours.”  Toronto producer The 25th Hour came through with a spaced-out, bassed-up remix of WILDE’s “Temple,” which you can check out below.


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