When Pusha T dropped Fear of God II: Let Us Pray back in 2011, he was still finding his footing among Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music team of musical superheroes — still brushing off though never outright rejecting the legacy of Clipse. However, the new territory didn't deter Pusha from crafting a critically lauded and star-studded announcement of a creatively accomplished solo career to come. The album's second single, the follow-up to his Tyler, the Creator collaboration "Trouble on My Mind," was the Kanye and Young Jeezy assisted "Amen" — a scripture-nodding exploration of many of the album's recurring themes. Produced by Shawty Redd, the concise brutality of the track's apologetic braggadocio was given the perfect platform.

Four years later, we now have this — a redefining take on "Amen" from "Mercy" producer Hudson Mohawke with just the right amount of enjoyably unsettling synth stabs and distinctly HudMo touches. Thankfully, HudMo is letting the masses not only stream but download this slice of minimalist mastery for free: