We are three quarters into 2015 and Kanye West still hasn't released SWISH, the highly-anticipated follow-up to Yeezus. "Only One" came out in January, and the "All Day" CDQ dropped in March. That's a five-month gap of no new singles. Apparently folks are fed up with Ye's lack of productivity, and have decided to start a White House petition begging President Obama to "make Kanye drop SWISH August 21."

The petition pleads:

"Kanye West has kept us thirsty for too long. We haven't gotten any new singles in months. The President should order Ye to drop the album on the date August, 21st as his producer Mike Dean has been teasing people about."

Mike Dean, legendary producer/engineer and frequent Yeezy collaborator was recently told Montreality"whenever Kanye say's it's done, it's done," in a recent interview. The maker of this petition claims Dean said the album will be coming Aug. 21, but they must've been duped by a fake screenshot that's been floating around of an Instagram direct message conversation, as one Twitter user is claiming. So far, it has 44 signatures with 100,000 of them needed by Sept. 10.

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