To celebrate the one year anniversary of Satisfaction Guaranteed, Junglepussy dropped a loosie titled "You Don't Know." On it, she raps ""Pregnant with success, when will I give birth?/You can't see inside my body, you don't know what's in my purse." And today, she announces her next album, appropriately titled Pregnant With Success, which she plans on dropping sometime this fall.

"I’m so excited to share Pregnant with Success this fall," she told Complex over email. "I'm giving you the choice to fuck with me now or later but you will regardless."

Along with the album announcement, which from the looks of her Twitter she's been teasing for quite some time, she drops the single and video for "Now or Later." Over twinking, triumphant from Shy Guy and Roc & Mayne, JP spits about everything from avoiding the fuckboys to enticing everyone with lines like, "Pulled up to the venue, body wavy/Dipped out the Uber slowly like a lady." You'll be saying that every time you step out of your XL soon.

So, we ask the question—is you fucking with her now, or is you fucking with her later? Answer should be now. Watch the video above produced by Suspects NYC.