The thirst is real for that new Frank Ocean album we were promised last month. When July passed without a new music from Frank, many took to the Internet to freak out and prove that #BOYSDOCRY. If anyone knows thirst, it's the drought-ridden people of LA who attended this year's FYF Fest with the promise that Frank Ocean would come. When the last minute drop out found the fest replacing his set with Kanye Westit wasn't too shabby but it still left plenty of attendees fairly bummed out.

We have been thinkin 'bout Frank also so we went out and asked festival goers how they were feeling about the TBD album and sudden lineup shift. As one guy perfectly put it, "We over here starving for your music and you're not here to feed us!" Channel your summertime sadness with fest goers above as we pop inside FYF Fest.