Alright, Frank Ocean. You win. First, the promised release month of July passed with nary a new album from the reigning champ of artful mood music. Then, your own brother devised a simple act of trolling so frustrating that, quite frankly, the majority of Earth's population is still seeking appropriate coping mechanisms. Earlier this month, you updated your website to include a new theme that conveniently tells visitors how hot or cold it is wherever they happen to be. That's cool, but where's the album?

If late-night tweeting is your thing (why wouldn't it be?), you likely noticed the small but growing flurry of tweets proclaiming the Spotify exclusive release of the new Frank album:

As everyone scrambled to redownload Spotify after weeks spent drowning in Apple Music awesomeness, a new narrative started to emerge: low-key trolling.

Nicely done, Frank. As everyone on Twitter is surely levelheaded enough to take all of this tomfoolery in stride, surely the responses to this revelation were either nonexistent or downright flippant, yes? Of course not:

The best part, of course, is that Frank's trolling effortlessly outed casual Frank fans for the uneducated consumers they sadly are:

*Applauds Frank Ocean's tactics*